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The Story of a Vote

The United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) visited Palestine and the DPs (Displaced Persons from WWII) in Europe in 1947. They met with Jews and Arabs, toured the areas, and decided that the best possible solution would be two separate countries. Their recommendations were taken to a vote. This film shows original footage from the historic vote and interviews key players in the political process.

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"Illegal" Shofar Blowers at the Western Wall

From 1930 until 1947, Jewish young men risked being arrested by the British in order to blow the shofar at the conclusion of Yom Kippur at the Western Wall. This film shows these young men, many years later when they gathered together to remember their profound experiences. Many of them were arrested by the British and taken to jail in Jerusalem while still fasting for Yom Kippur.

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David Ben Gurion Declares the State of Israel (English subtitles)

See the only remaining film footage from the declaration of the State of Israel in Tel Aviv, May 14, 1948.

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6 Day War in Jerusalem

See dramatic film footage from re-uniting Jerusalem in 1967. Paratroopers enter the Old City through the Lion's gate. They pass through sniper fire, and a burning bus. They joyously reach the Temple Mount and Western Wall. White flags of surrender are flying throughout the Old City and the West Bank. Shofars are sounded and prayers are said thanking God for re-uniting the city and to remember those who fell in battle.

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Cast a Giant Shadow (Part 1 of 10)

1966 Hollywood film staring Kirk Douglas as "Mickey" Marcus. In 1947, David Ben-Gurion asked David Daniel Marcus to recruit an American officer to serve as military advisor to the nascent Jewish army, the Haganah. He could not recruit anyone appropriate, so Marcus volunteered himself. In 1948, the United States War Department informally allowed him to do so, as long as he disguised his name and rank to avoid problems with the British authorities of Mandate Palestine. Under the name "Michael Stone," he arrived in Palestine in January 1948. Marcus was appointed as Commander of the Jerusalem front on May 28, 1948, and given the rank of Aluf, the first general in the nation's army. Marcus was famous for the "Burma Road" which provided an alternate way to reach besieged Jerusalem.